Helps you understand and save.

Wi-Fi P1 meter

Track your home’s energy consumption.

Energy Display

Insight in sight.


Connect your solar panels.

HomeWizard Wi-Fi Watermeter

Wi-Fi Watermeter

Get to the bottom of your water consumption.

Provide yourself with true insight.

Live monitoring of your electricity consumption, solar surplus, solar consumption, gas and water! Reduce your standby consumption, use energy more conscientiously, and save.

Wi-Fi kWh Meters

Solar panels, EV chargers and heat pumps.

 Wi-Fi Energy Socket

Measure and switch individual devices.

Upgrade to Energy+ for extra features.

With the optional Energy+ subscription you can set custom notifications, get multiple years of storage, switch your devices based solar power and more.

HomeWizard Energy App

Everything in one place.


Save with insight and
conscientious usage.