Energy Socket

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Measure and switch

Insight in every device

The new Energy Socket helps you to understand the energy consumption of your devices and is now 50% smaller in size. Place it in the wall socket, plug it into your device and start measuring!

Standby users? Disabled

Energy Socket turns your devices off on times you don’t need them, like your TV and peripherals at night or your kitchen boiler’s warm water. With timers you can control which devices should be turned on or off and when. Every 1 Watt reduced on your standby consumption saves you over €3 per year! 

1W = 0.024kWh p/day x €0.40 x 365 days = €3.50 per year

Made for every appliance

Every device with a plug can be measured and switched on and off by the Energy Socket, even the production of plug-in solar panels. The HomeWizard Energy app shows you the measurements down to the second, or in detailed day, week and month graphs with cost indication.

View live or go back in time

The HomeWizard Energy app shows you what’s happening right now, or go back in time with detailed historical graphs.

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View your live consumption

Know exactly what a device consumes when you turn it on

Become your own energy expert

Compare days, weeks and months in detailed graphs

Keep an eye on costs

Enter your energy tariffs and keep an eye on your costs

Smaller size, better performance

Large range

Suitable for small and big appliances with a range of 1W to 3680W


Individually calibrated for accurate measurements (±99,5%)

Energy efficient

Optimised for a low power usage of 1 Watt


Automatic overload (16A), overheat and child protection

Upgrade to Energy+ and get extra smart features

Get even more out of your Energy Socket for €0.99 per month.

Switch based on solar surplus

Turn on appliances when you have a solar surplus.

Multiple years of storage

Get even more than the standard 12 months of storage, so you can compare years and seasons.

Switch based on measurements

Turn off devices when power consumption is too high

Combine products and discover more features

Utilise your solar production

Want to use more of your solar power? With the P1 Meter and Energy Socket you can measure and switch devices based on your solar surplus. Turn on your kitchen boiler or start charging your e-bike for example. (Energy+ required)

More information about the P1 Meter

Energy Socket

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30 Day money back guarantee

2 Year warranty

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Technical specifications


802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz) WiFi
WPA2 and WPA3 encrypted


Energy usage history of the past 12 months
Extend your energy usage history with an Energy+ subscription


Automatic security updates
128bits AES encryption with TLS/SSL

Maximum load

Max. 3680W (16A), Continuous load: 2760W (12A)

Overheat protection

The Energy Socket turns off automatically when the device plug or outlet contact is generating a unsafe amount of heat indicating bad contact or sustained maximum load.


Combined edge/pin-earth plug (Netherlands/Belgium)

Power consumption

1 Watt

External connections



2 year warranty

In the box

Energy Socket
Quickstart guide


An iOS 13, Android 8 or higher mobile device
A secure Wi-Fi network with internet connection

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Energy Socket, and what is it used for?

A Energy Socket is a smart plug that allows you to control connected devices remotely and measure power consumption. You can use the socket to remotely turn on or off devices such as lamps, televisions, or coffee makers by using timers.

How do I install the Energy Socket and connect it to the app?

Installing the Energy Socket is easy. Plug the socket into the wall and connect the device you want to control. Then, download the HomeWizard Energy app and follow the instructions to connect the socket to the app.

Can I use the Energy Socket with other smart home systems?

The Energy Socket cannot be installed on other systems, but it can work in conjunction with other smart home systems. Therefore, you can have multiple smart home systems in your home alongside the HomeWizard smart home system.

Which devices can I connect to the Energy Socket?

You can connect any device that fits in a regular power outlet and uses no more than 3680 watts.

Can I control and program the Energy Socket remotely?

Yes, you can control the socket remotely and program it using the app. This is done through the HomeWizard Energy app. For example, you can set the TV to automatically turn off when you sleep at night.

How can I monitor the power consumption of my connected devices with the Energy Socket?

You can monitor the power consumption of your connected devices through the app. In the HomeWizard Energy app, you can see how much energy your connected devices are using.

Are there any costs associated with using the app or the Energy Socket?

The app is free to download and use, but there may be in-app purchases for additional features. For these additional features, you will need to subscribe to HomeWizard Energy+. With Energy+ you get exclusive features on top of the free functionality of the Energy app, which allows you to gain even more insight and detect unusual situations. This subscription costs €0.99 per month.

Is the Energy Socket safe to use?

Energy Sockets are safe to use as long as they are installed correctly and used according to the instructions. However, it is always important to be cautious when dealing with electrical devices and to ensure that they are not exposed to water or other liquids.

Can I add multiple Energy Sockets to my system?

It is possible to add multiple Energy Sockets to the system. Consult the manual of your Energy Socket to learn how to add multiple Energy Sockets to your HomeWizard smart home system.

What should I do if my Energy Socket is not working properly?

If your Energy Socket is not working properly, try unplugging it and plugging it back in to see if that resolves the issue. If your Energy Socket blinks orange, then it is in overload protection mode.

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