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Know exactly how much energy you consume

Do you know how much gas you consume when cooking or showering? Or what the standby consumption of your devices at night is? The HomeWizard P1 Meter gives you detailed insight into your gas consumption, electricity consumption and solar surplus.

Works with your smart meter

The P1 Meter clicks into the P1 port on your smart meter and gives you insight into the electricity and gas consumption of your home. The P1 Meter is compatible with most modern meters in Europe, and on modern smart meters you don’t even need a power adapter. Plug in, connect to Wi-Fi and you’re done!

Which smart meter do I have?

Works with your gas meter

The P1 Meter also shows you the gas consumption of your home through the smart meter. This way you always know exactly how much gas you consume when showering or making dinner.

View live or go back in time

The HomeWizard Energy app shows you what’s happening right now, or you can go back in time with detailed historical graphs.

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View your consumption live

Know exactly what a device consumes when you turn it on

Become your own energy expert

Compare days, weeks and months in detailed graphs

Keep an eye on costs

Enter your energy tariffs and keep an eye on your costs

Utilise the sun

Use your own produced Solar energy as efficiently as possible with live insights of your production, surplus and solar consumption. Connect your inverter or install a kWh Meter for direct insight.

Upgrade to Energy+ and get extra smart features

Get even more out of your P1 Meter for €0.99 per month.

Multiple years of storage

Get even more than the standard 12 months of storage, so you can compare years and seasons

Create custom notifications

Set a notification in case of abnormal water consumption or for when you can turn on your dryer, because you have an energy surplus

Learn your standby consumption

Graphs show how much gas and electricity is being consumed by devices that are always on

Combine products and discover more features

Utilise your solar production

With the P1 Meter and a Energy Socket you can measure and switch devices based on your solar surplus. Turn on your kitchen boiler or start charging your e-bike for example to get the best use out of your solar production. (Energy+ required)

Learn more about the Energy Socket

Insights in your solar panels

Combining the P1 Meter and your inverter, or kWh Meter on your solar panels shows you not only your solar surplus, but also production, total consumption and how much of your solar power is being used directly.

Learn more about connecting your solar panels

P1 Meter

  • Voorkant van HomeWizard P1 meter

    Wi-Fi P1 meter


    The HomeWizard P1 Meter gives you detailed insight in your electricity-, gas consumption and solar surplus.

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30 Day money back guarantee

2 Year warranty

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Technical specifications


802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz) WiFi
WPA2 and WPA3 encrypted


Energy usage history of the past 12 months
Extend your energy usage history with an Energy+ subscription


Automatic security updates
128bits AES encryption with TLS/SSL

Power supply

Use a USB-C adapterset on older smart meters (sold separately)

External connections

Open API (JSON) and Home Assistant


2 year warranty

In the box

P1 Meter
Quickstart guide


An iOS 13, Android 8 or higher mobile device
A secure Wi-Fi network with internet connection
A smart meter – Is my smart meter compatible? 

Read detailed information in the General terms or in our Privacy policy

Frequently asked questions

What is a P1 Meter?

A P1 Meter is a type of smart meter that allows you to track your home’s energy consumption in real time. It gives you insight into your energy consumption, so you can make more informed decisions about how to be more energy efficient and lower your overall gas and electricity bills. By using a P1 Meter, you are taking steps toward a more sustainable and cost-effective way of life.

What insight can you get with a P1 Meter?

Thanks to the P1 Meter, in combination with the Energy app, you can get various information about your home’s energy consumption. Such as tariffs set by you, current consumption of both gas and electricity, and total energy consumption over a period of time.

How do I read a P1 Meter?

A P1 Meter is typically connected via wifi, which allows you to read the meter on your mobile device, laptop, or PC. With HomeWizard, the P1 Meter is read via the free HomeWizard app. You can download the HomeWizard app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Is a P1 Meter reliable?

In general, a P1 Meter is very reliable because it connects directly to the smart meter in your home and reads data directly from the meter. The HomeWizard P1 Meter is designed to ensure data accuracy. 

However, there may be discrepancies between the readings in the Energy app and other energy measurement apps or data. This can have several causes, including rounding of totals.