A conscious world

With HomeWizard products, our users become aware of their energy consumption and the associated costs. With behavioral changes you not only save on energy costs, but we can work towards a conscious world together. 

We all know that our energy sources are not infinite and we are increasingly noticing the impact of their use. At HomeWizard we realize that we cannot just keep doing everything without thinking about its effects on our world. And although we are not perfect, we believe it is important that we all use our energy sources sparingly. This is possible by using our products. And so together we create a better world. One household at a time.

The consumption of our products

Since our products help you save energy, we think it is important that they do not consume unnecessary energy themselves. That’s why our products only use 1 Watt. Even our Energy Display uses 1 Watt in standby mode and only turns on when the motion sensor detects movement. 

Packaging and transport

At the end of 2022, we said goodbye to our foam fillings in our product packaging and replaced them with paper. This means that all our packaging is made from fully recycled and die-cut paper. In addition, we ensure that we get our products to our customers with as few kilometers as possible. Our postal and parcel deliverers transport CO2 neutrally. After production, the products come to the Netherlands. In most cases we buy the remaining space in a sea container, so that a freight ship doesn’t transport air unnecessarily.


JustDiggit is committed to cooling down and re-greening the planet by digging ‘bunds’ in Tanzania and planting seeds in it. A bund is a semicircle that is dug into the ground so that rainwater can be held there instead of it being washed away. This way the water can slowly sink into the dry soil, allowing the seeds in the ground to grow into crops. Thanks to this the living environment is slowly becoming greener and cooler. To help JustDiggit make the planet greener and healthier, HomeWizard has donated 500 bunds in 2023.