€ 11.95 / year


This is Energy+

Energy+ gives you exclusive features on top of the free Energy app functionality, and helps you gain even more insight and detect unusual situations

Connect your inverter

Integrate your solar inverter directly into the HomeWizard Energy app. Get instant insight into how much your solar panels are producing. In combination with a P1 Meter you also get access to the Solar production graph, showing you how much of your production is used in your home.

See your standby consumption

Energy+ analyzes the total standby consumption of your home. With the ‘standby’ graphs you can see how changes in your home affect your standby consumption.

Multiple years of storage

With Energy+, your energy history is stored for longer than the standard 12 months, so you can even compare years and seasons.

HomeWizard Energy plus anomaly detection

Know when something is wrong

Receive notifications when electricity or gas consumption deviates from your normal consumption patterns through smart, learning algorithms.

Export graph data

Export the data from your graphs for analysis in Excel or for your own storage. Adjustable periods give you full control.

3-Phase insights

With Energy+, the data of the individual phases is stored via your P1 Meter or kWh Meter (if your meter supports this). This way you can see exactly how much power is used per phase in the ‘now’ and ‘day’ graph.

Smart switching

Set a solar task to switch your Energy Socket on solar power, and create tasks based on the measurement of the Energy Socket or other Energy devices.

Create custom notifications

Saving was never this easy with custom notifications. Know exactly when you can turn on your washer or dryer, because you have an energy surplus. Get a notification when your dishwasher is done or set a notification for when there is abnormal water consumption, so that you can detect any possible leaks. The possibilities are endless!

How do I create custom notifications?

The benefits of Energy+

Energy+ gives you multiple exclusive features. Check the differences between the free Energy app and our Energy+ subscription below.

Free Energy appEnergy+ subscription
Gross power consumption
Gas consumption
Solar surplus
Time task
Standby consumption


Solar task

Measurement task

3-Phase graph

Multiple years of storage

Export of your data

Energy+ is available in the app and on the website

Activate Energy+ in your Energy app for €0.99 / month under the settings menu, or subscribe to energy+ through our website for €11.95 / year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Energy+ mandatory when using the Energy app?

No, Energy+ is an optional service that is separate from the permanently free Energy app.

What does Energy+ cost?

Energy+ costs €0.99 per month via the app, or €11,95 per year through our website.

Why is Energy+ a subscription service?

For the smart functions of Energy+ to work, external computing power, storage and maintenance is required 24/7. We want to make energy consumption insight available to everyone with affordable products, and with Energy+ we can provide advanced features for users who are just as enthusiastic about Energy as we are.

How does Energy+ work with multiple Energy devices and users?

Only one Energy+ subscription is required per house to give all products and users access to the Energy+ functionalities.

How do I cancel an Energy+ subscription?

You can cancel the Energy+ subscription anytime. After cancelling you will maintain acces to the Energy+ features until the cancellation date. After this you will automatically be downgraded to the basic free functionality, the Energy+ features will disappear and graph data older than 12 months will be deleted.

If you bought Energy+ via the website you can cancel at Account > Homes.

If you bought Energy+ via the app you can cancel in the Apple Subscription settings or Google subscription settings on your phone.