Do you have solar panels or a dynamic contract?

Connect Home Connect to the HomeWizard Energy app and automatically start your washing machine, dryer and dishwasher when the sun shines or when energy is cheapest! 

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Automatically start your home appliances

If you have a Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau or Neff home appliance, chances are you have Home Connect. You will recognize this by the ‘remote start’ icon on your appliance.     

Did you install a P1 Meter? Then you’ll never have to think again when the best time to use your appliance is. Just automate it within the HomeWizard Energy app! Pair your Home Connect account and set smart tasks. This is how we make sustainability affordable.

Wash and dry on your own solar energy

The sun is shining and your solar panels are generating energy. It’s the perfect time to turn on your washing machine, dryer or dishwasher. Luckily, you have set a smart task for your Home Connect appliance and it will start running automatically when you have enough solar surplus. Cost-effective and sustainable.

Turn on your washing machine, dryer or dishwasher when energy is cheapest

Do you have a dynamic contract? Smart tasks allow you to start your device when energy is cheapest. Specify between which hours the appliance should start, for example between 02:00 and 15:00, and your appliance will start when energy is cheapest. It doesn’t get any better!

HomeWizard P1 Meter

The P1 Meter is the must-have gadget that gives you live insight into your power consumption, solar surplus and gas. Click the P1 Meter into the P1 port of your smart meter and start the installation. 

Save money and energy

Save on energy costs by washing and drying on solar power as often as possible or during the cheapest hours. It’s good for the planet and for your wallet. 

Cheaper & sustainable

The number of people with a dynamic contract is growing. Avoid paying too much and take advantage of this smart feature! When energy is cheap it also means that it’s more sustainable. 

Avoid grid congestion

Grid congestion is a hot and much debated topic. Grab this chance to wash and dry at times when few people use electricity or when there is plenty electricity available, becase that is when it is cheapest. 

Frequently asked questions

What is Home Connect?

With Home Connect you can control and automate your home appliances. Start, stop, select programs or set timers. You can even get push notifications when your program has finished. Together with the P1 Meter and the HomeWizard Energy app you can start your washing machine, dryer or dishwasher when it’s cheapest or when you have a solar surplus.

What is HomeWizard?

HomeWizard helps you reduce your consumption and save money and the planet while doing so. With the HomeWizard appliances you get live insight into the energy consumption of your household. HomeWizard helps you to consume energy in a smart way by running your home appliances on your own produced solar power or during the cheapest hours of the day.

How do I connect my appliance with the Home Connect app?

Step 1: Download the Home Connect app and register a Home Connect account.
Step 2: Scan the QR code provided in the Quick Start Guide OR use the Home Connect Connection Guide to find the QR code for your appliance.

How can I connect Home Connect to the HomeWizard Energy app?

After connecting your Home Connect-enabled appliance (see the question above), go to settings within the HomeWizard Energy app, select ‘Meters’ and choose ‘+ Add new appliance’. Scroll down and select ‘Home Connect’. A browser will open to log in with your Home Connect account. After logging in, grant permission by accepting the terms that pop up and you’ll be sent back to the Energy app. Now select the appliance(s) that you want to connect and press ‘Continue’. Et voilà, you’re done! Now you can set up smart tasks for your Home Connect-enabled appliance(s).

In order to use HomeWizard with Home Connect you will need to turn off the ‘Permanent Remote Start’ for your dishwasher to prevent it from running every day. Please note that ‘Permanent Remote Start’ is not the same as ‘Remote Start’.

Can I connect my washing machine, dryer or dishwasher?

Home Connect is available for home appliances of the brands Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, Neff, Thermador, Balay, Constructa, Pitsos and Profilo. To make sure your appliance supports the smart tasks make sure your appliance supports Home Connect. Look for the Home Connect or Wi-Fi logo on your appliance.

What is a solar task?

A solar task enables you to switch appliances on or off based on the solar surplus in your home. This feature was already available with the Energy Socket. Now, it’s available for dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers compatible with Home Connect.

How can I set a solar task?

After connecting Home Connect, go to settings in the HomeWizard Energy app, click on ‘EnergySaver’ and look for your appliance. Set a new task and choose ‘Solar task’.

What happens on days when the sun doesn’t shine, or shines very little?

You wouldn’t want to come home to a pile of dirty laundry or dishes. The smart algorithm of the ‘EnergySaver’ task keeps track of your solar surplus and tries to use that surplus to power your appliance as best as it can. If there’s no surplus solar power available, your program will run at the end of your set time to ensure your dishes or laundry aren’t left dirty in the machine.

How can I set up a dynamic tariff task?

After connecting Home Connect, go to settings in the HomeWizard Energy app, select ‘EnergySaver’ in the menu and look for the appliance you added. Set a new task and choose ‘Dynamic tariff’.

Why are the tariff rates for tomorrow missing?

We depend on tariff data provided by a third party. This information is updated at noon, allowing us to determine the cheapest hours for tomorrow. Rest assured, once the tariff information becomes available to us, the task will automatically use it.

Is this free to use?

Absolutely! The smart tasks for Home Connect are completely free to set up and use within the HomeWizard Energy app. To properly configure solar tasks, you’ll need a P1 Meter. Without it, we won’t have information about the solar surplus of your home.

How can I set smart tasks to automatically run programs?

Open the HomeWizard Energy app and go to settings > ‘EnergySaver’. Look for your appliance and add a new task. You can set up a solar or dynamic tariff task.

What do I need to set up the Home Connect feature?

You need a few things. First, you will need a HomeWizard P1 Meter, an account and the HomeWizard Energy app. To set up Home Connect, you will need a washing machine, dryer or dishwasher that supports Home Connect. We support Home Connect appliances by Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, Neff, Thermador, Balay, Constructa, Pitsos and Profilo. Your appliance should have internet access and should have an active connection with Home Connect.

What do I need the P1 Meter for?

The P1 Meter gives you insight into the energy consumption of your home. You can add your energy tariffs and connect your Home Connect appliance within the Energy app. You can see when energy is cheapest or when you have sufficient solar surplus to wash or dry your dishes or clothes. HomeWizard will use this information to find the best moment to start your appliance program automatically.

Why don’t I see my appliances in the HomeWizard Energy app after connecting Home Connect?

Please make sure you use the same Home Connect account you used to connect your Home Connect appliance. To set up new home appliances, go to ‘Add appliance’, select Home Connect and check your new appliance’s checkbox. This only works if you’ve already connected your Home Connect account with your HomeWizard Energy app and linked them. 

I have a Home Connect coffee machine, microwave or oven, can I connect it?

No, this feature is set up for large energy consumers: dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and washer dryer combinations.

Why did my appliance not start?

The appliance should show ‘Ready’ as status in the ‘EnergySaver’ task. Make sure to select your desired program, press the ‘Remote Control’ button on your appliance to ensure the appliance acts on your smart task and close the door.

Do I need to come back to the task setup whenever I want to schedule on solar or tariffs?

No, when you set up an ‘EnergySaver’ task you don’t need to return to that screen again. You can use your appliance like usual. The only thing you need to do is make sure to select a program on your appliance and press the ‘Remote start’ button. To not have it run, don’t activate the remote control or disable the smart task in your HomeWizard Energy app.

Can you please add this amazing idea I have for [appliance here]?

We might! Please send us a message.

I cannot get it to work, help?

View frequently asked questions about Home Connect here. Can’t get it to work within HomeWizard? View a thorough guide to set up your connection here or contact us.

What’s the difference between Manual and Permanent Remote Start?

The difference between the options Manual and Permanent Remote Start is that the manual setting requires you to activate the remote function each time you wish to use it. To do so, hit the Remote Start button on your dishwasher after loading. The program will start based on the ‘EnergySaver’ task you set. Manual Remote Start is the default setting on all Home Connect dishwashers. Please turn off the ‘Permanent Remote Start’ feature if you enabled it.

Why do I have to disable Permanent Remote Start (and how do I do so)?

Permanent Remote Start means the remote feature is on permanently. Closing your dishwasher’s door sets up the appliance to run its program once it meets the requirements in your ‘EnergySaver’ task. As a result, closing the door before you go on holiday means the set program runs daily. Please turn off the ‘Permanent Remote Start’ feature to prevent this from happening.