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Insight in sight

Your energy consumption in sight

Take control of your energy consumption and save on energy costs. With the Energy Display, you can see the energy consumption of your household in an easy-to-read dashboard. Discover what consumes the most energy and what this costs. Place the Energy Display in your living room, kitchen or a location that you pass by often such as the hallway.

See what you want to see

Through the HomeWizard Energy App you decide which information should be displayed on the screen of your Energy Display. You can set up to 3 consumption targets and 3 additional elements in the side panel. Choose daily consumption or costs of gas, water, electricity and solar surplus, the solar energy produced by your solar panels, or the consumption of charging your electric bicycle or car.

Set targets

Set daily energy targets and track your progress throughout the day. This helps everyone within your household to stay motivated and concentrate on reducing your energy consumption and the associated costs. You can adjust your energy targets whenever you like.

100 L
100 W
100 m3

Save on energy costs

With an energy display in your home, you save an average of 6.9% on gas and 2.2% on electricity (research by NEAA). An average household saves more than €172 per year on energy costs*. This means that you’ve earned back the Energy Display in no time. Saving on energy costs was never this easy.

* Based on the average household and energy prices in the Netherlands: 1.500 m³ gas (€ 1.45) and 2.500 kWh (€ 0.40).

Tells you the room temperature

The Energy Display has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor. This way you keep track of the ideal room temperature and can adjust it if necessary. Turn down the thermostat to lower your gas bill or open a window to cool off.

Turns on when you are there

The Energy Display has a radar sensor to wake up the screen when it detects movement. The screen dims automatically when it gets dark for perfect readability all day (and night).

The screen of the Energy Display

The more graphs you have in the HomeWizard Energy App, the more you can add to your Energy Display. But which graphs do you get with which products?

P1 MeterTotal power consumption
Gas consumption
WatermeterWater consumption
Energy SocketPower consumption of any device with a plug
kWh MeterSolar production
Power consumption of a car charger, heat pump or a group in your circuit breaker box
Energy+Gross power consumption
Solar consumption
Energy DisplayAmbient temperature

Energy Display

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2 Year warranty

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Know exactly how much energy you consume

Do you know how much gas you consume when cooking or showering? Or what the standby consumption of your devices at night is? The HomeWizard P1 Meter gives you detailed insight into your gas consumption, electricity consumption and solar surplus. Click the P1 Meter into the P1 port on your smart meter and get instant insight into the electricity and gas consumption of your home.

Learn more about the P1 Meter

Get to the bottom of your water consumption

With the HomeWizard Watermeter you know exactly how much water you consume when filling a bath, washing your hands, showering or watering your garden.

Learn more about the Watermeter

Standby users? Disabled

Energy Socket turns your devices off at times you don’t need them, like your TV and peripherals at night or your kitchen boiler’s warm water. With timers you can control which devices should be turned on or off and when. Every 1 Watt reduced on your standby consumption saves you over €3 per year! 

Learn more about the Energy Socket

Technical specifications


130 x 94 x 34 mm


5 inch laminated LCD, high resolution (800×480)
Brightness up to 500 nits (auto-dimming)
Viewing angle of 170° (IPS)

Motion detection

Motion detection up to 6 meters (configurable)

Temperature sensor

10° to 40° Celsius (indoor)

Power consumption

< 1W in standby


802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz) WiFi
WPA2 & WPA3 encrypted


Automatic security updates
128bits AES encryption with TLS/SSL


2-year warranty

In the box

HomeWizard Energy Display
Power adapter
1.5m USB-C cable
Quick start guide


An iOS 13, Android 8 or higher operating system
A secure Wi-Fi network with internet connection

Read detailed information in the General terms or in our Privacy policy

Frequently asked questions

What can I see on the Display?

You can configure up to six components on the Energy Display. You can choose from all the graphs that you also see within the Energy app. Within the dashboard, you can choose per data source (e.g. electricity) for today’s consumption or your energy costs up to that point. If there is live data, you can also show the live data.

What do I need for the Display?

To use the Energy Display you only need a Wi-Fi connection and power via the USB cable (cable included). The more graphs you have in the app, the more choices you have to configure your dashboard on the Energy Display. To configure your own screen you can choose from:
– Total power consumption (P1 Meter)
– Gas consumption (P1 Meter)
– Water usage (Watermeter)
– Power consumption of any device with a plug (Energy Socket)
– Solar panels (kWh Meter or solar inverter)
– Power consumption of a car charger, heat pump or a group in your circuit breaker
box (kWh Meter)
– Gross power consumption (Energy+)
– Solar consumption (Energy+ and solar inverter insights)
– Ambient temperature
The Energy Display can be used if you have at least 1 HomeWizard product. But the more products you use, the more graphs you can configure in the Energy Display.

How long does it take before I can see a change in the dashboard on the Display?

If you change something in the layout of the dashboard through the app, you will immediately see this change on the Energy Display.

Do I need Energy+?

No, you do not need Energy+. If you have Energy+, you can choose from additional features, such as production, gross power consumption and solar consumption (if you have connected a solar inverter). On the Display, you can choose to see your gross power consumption or the generation of your solar panels through the connection to one of the supported inverter brands. Do you have a kWh Meter for insight on your solar panels? Then you get the same additional features, but without a subscription.

How are the consumption targets set?

You set the consumption targets yourself. Every household is different, only you can decide what logical goals are regarding the consumption in your home.

How does a screen help save energy costs?

With an energy display in sight, you are constantly up-to-date with the consumption in your household. You are therefore better informed about what you use and when. You learn to use energy more consciously. As a result, you consume less energy and save on energy costs.

Can I purchase a large number of Energy Displays for my business?

Do you work for a municipality, government organization, housing corporation or are you looking for something nice for the Christmas package? Contact us at for a quotation or an order on an invoice.

How do I create a dashboard on the Display?

You can easily choose what you want to see on your screen through the app. In the HomeWizard Energy app, go to Settings > Display > Add display and follow the steps. After linking, choose the added Display and choose what you want to see for each of the 6 positions. Set up to three consumption targets for the circles. For the side panel, choose up to three elements. For all six components, you can opt for insight into consumption or costs, live or on a daily basis.

Does the Display have a touchscreen?

No, the Energy Display does not have a touchscreen. All changes you want to make can be easily made with the HomeWizard Energy App.

When does the screen of the Display turn on/off?

This is up to you to decide. You can choose between 2, 3, 5, 10 or 15 minutes. You also decide on the brightness of the screen.

Can I connect my solar panels to the HomeWizard Display?

You can read the data of your solar panels via the HomeWizard Display if you have connected a P1 Meter or solar inverter in the HomeWizard Energy App.

Is the data on the Energy Display secure?

Yes. The Energy Display has a 128-bit AES encryption with TLS/SSL and receives automatic security updates.

Does it matter which energy supplier I use?

No, it doesn’t matter. The Energy Display works independently.

What is the difference with other energy consumption managers?

There are three types of energy consumption managers:
1. Consumption managers that measure consumption in real-time and show it on a display on the wall or on the table.
2. Consumption managers that measure consumption in real-time and show this via an app on your phone.
3. Consumption managers that measure energy consumption and show it a day later via an app or website.
The HomeWizard Energy Display falls under the first type (our P1 Meter falls under the second). In addition, there are also differences in the size of the display, the costs and how user-friendly the display of an energy consumption manager is.