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Ordered before 11 PM, shipped today

Free shipping from €75

Customer review 4.7/5

30-day money back guarantee

Save on energy

Energy Display


Set energy targets, create your own dashboard and save money.

Make sure your Display has information to display:
Voorkant van HomeWizard P1 meter
1 × Wi-Fi P1 Meter

Live insight in electricity and gas

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HomeWizard Wi-Fi Watermeter
1 × Wi-Fi Watermeter

Real-time water consumption insights

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Insight in sight

With the Energy Display, your power consumption, solar production and energy costs are always in sight so you can keep an eye on the energy consumption within your home. Place the Energy Display in your living room, kitchen or a location that you pass by often such as the hallway. To prevent the use of unnecessary power the screen will switch off if the Display hasn’t detected any movement for a while.

Achieve your energy consumption goals

You can configure the Energy Display to your liking through the HomeWizard Energy app. Assign a consumption target to one of the three circles. The fuller the circle, the closer you are to exceeding your target. The right side of the screen can be used to display gas, water, electricity, total costs and/or temperature. Choose from insight into consumption or costs and view live or on a daily basis. 

You don’t need an Energy+ subscription to use the display but with an Energy+ subscription, you get extra features, like being able to display the gross power consumption and solar consumption.

Save more than €172 a year

With an energy display in your home, you save an average of 6.9% on gas and 2.2% on electricity. An average household saves more than €172 per year on energy costs.* This means that you’ve earned back the Energy Display in no time. Saving on energy costs was never this easy.

* Based on the average household and energy prices in the Netherlands: 1,500 m³ gas (€ 1.45) and 2,500 kWh (€ 0.40).

In the box

  • HomeWizard Energy Display
  • Power adapter
  • 1.5m USB-C cable
  • Quick start guide


An iOS 13, Android 8 or newer operating system
A secure Wi-Fi network with an internet connection


130 x 94 x 34 mm (w x h x d)


5-inch laminated LCD, high resolution (800 x 480 pixels)
Brightness up to 500 nits (auto-dimming)
Viewing angle of 170° (IPS)

Motion detection

Motion detection up to 6 meters (configurable)

Temperature sensor

10° to 40° Celsius (indoor)

Power consumption

< 1W in standby


Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
WPA2 and WPA3 encrypted


Automatic security updates
128 bits AES encryption with TLS/SSL


2-year warranty





Requirements for installation

Plug and play with Wi-Fi and your smartphone. The Energy Display can be used if you have at least one HomeWizard product. But the more products you use, the more graphs you can configure in the Energy Display.