Energy Monitoring Starter Kit


Measure your gas, electricity, and water consumption at home with this combination package. Easy to set up yourself.

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Measure your gas, electricity, and water consumption at home with this HomeWizard combination package for €99.95 (instead of €113.85). 

This package consists of:

  1. P1 Meter: measures the electricity and gas consumption of your home.
  2. Water Meter: get insight into how much water you consume. 
  3. Energy Socket: measure your appliances and easily switch them on and off.

Now available together for €99.95 (instead of €113.85).

Meter Gas & Power (P1)

Measure the electricity and gas consumption of your home. Get insight into your energy consumption. Simply place the P1 Meter in a smart meter. Just one click and you will immediately see how much gas and electricity you consume at any time, and per day, week, month, and year. Enter your energy rates to see how much you spend per day on gas and electricity. Do you have solar panels? If so, you can see your solar surplus as well. 

HomeWizard P1 meter with Energy app

Water Meter

Track your water consumption. Get real-time insight into your water consumption in the HomeWizard Energy app. With this Water Meter, you see how much water you use when showering, washing your hands, or flushing your toilet.

Energy Socket

Measure and switch devices with the Energy Socket. This allows you to see up to the second how much power your appliances are using. You can see how much power is being used when the device is active, but also when it is on standby. By doing this, you can find and fix standby power consumption. The app lets you set timers and turn devices on or off remotely.

Smart Switching

What do you get?

  • P1 Meter
  • Watermeter
  • Watermeter adapter
  • 5V USB power supply
  • 3-meter USB-C cable
  • Energy Socket (3680W)
  • Quickstart guide

Note: For smart meters with an SMR version lower than 5, you will need a Micro USB adapter. These versions are older. If the SMR version is 5 or higher, it provides enough power to work without an adapter. You can find the SMR version on your smart meter.

Relevant read: Is my smart meter compatible?

Don’t have a wall outlet near your water meter? Please add batteries to your shopping cart. An adapter is included with the Watermeter. 

Many of our customers start with a P1 Meter. A great start to gaining insight into your electricity and gas consumption. After installing it, people are enthusiastic and also want insight into water consumption, measuring individual appliances, and smart switching. Get off to a good start with this total package.

P1 Meter

Measures gas & electricity usage
Data encryption & local API
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz b/g/n
Uses <1 Watt

Water meter

Measures water usage
USB-C: realtime data up to 200 liters per minute
Batteries: 4x per day, 30 liters per minute

Energy Socket

Measure energy usage of your devices
Max load 3680W (16A)
±99,5% accuracy
Uses <1 Watt