Black Friday has ended

See you next year!
Even though our products are very reasonably priced all year round, we temporarily have a Black Friday promotion for you. From the 17th until the 27th of November, you will receive a €5 discount on every order! The discount will automatically be added to your shopping cart. If you’ve wanted to buy a HomeWizard product for a long time, now is the time to get it with a great discount. This way Black Friday becomes Black Friyay.

But that’s not all. We also have two amazing combi deals!

Black Friday combi deals

Energy Display + P1 Meter

The ideal set to get insight into your energy consumption. With the Energy Display you’ll always know how much you are and have been consuming. The P1 Meter will instantly give you live insight into your gas and energy consumption.

* Pricing includes the €5 checkout discount. The discount will
be added automatically to your shopping cart.

Energy Monitoring Starter Kit

Start monitoring your energy consumption with the Energy Monitoring Starter Kit! Measure your appliances and your gas, water and energy consumption to start saving today. Plug & Play: easy to install yourself, whether you are 18 or 72 years old.

* Pricing includes the €5 checkout discount. The discount will
be added automatically to your shopping cart.

Make this discount count

From the 17th until the 27th of November, you’ll receive a €5 cash discount on every order. The discount will be automatically added to your shopping cart. Unsure whether you want a Energy Display or a Energy Socket set? Get them now and make this Black Friday discount count! 

By the way, the €5 discount is also valid on top of our existing and already attractively priced combi deals. This way, you not only save money when using our products, but also when buying them.

You’ll cool down the planet too

Our products make you aware of your energy consumption and associated costs. If you reduce your energy consumption thanks to these insights, you will not only save on energy costs, but actively contribute to a more conscious world. The additional Black Friday orders are going to reduce our overall energy consumption, but we like to do more than that. Based on the number of additional orders, we will make a donation to JustDiggit. Together, we are re-greening the planet and helping it cool down by digging so-called bunds in Africa. If you order during our promotional period, you will help make the planet healthier.

Questions and conditions

What are the promotional conditions?

– €5 discount per order
– A maximum of 3 of the same promotional products allowed per order. This applies to the combi deals at the top of this page: the Energy Display & P1 Meter combi and the Energy Monitoring Starter Kit.

Until when does this promotion run?

The promotion runs from November 17th until the 27th. After that, you can buy our products and combi deals for the regular price again (that means without a discount).

I ordered last week, can I still get the discount?

No, the discount is a Black Friday promotion.