Terms and Conditions HomeWizard Energy

By using our Products or Services you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Dutch law applies to these General Terms and Conditions.

‘ User ‘ If you use the HomeWizard Services or Apps, you (the ” User ” ) must adhere to and acknowledge the conditions set by HomeWizard.

‘ Products ‘ All HomeWizard Products that HomeWizard offers via its own website or HomeWizard products offered via third parties related to the Energy platform.

‘ Services ‘ All software and services that HomeWizard may offer to support Products such as websites, account, iOS-Android browser apps, Energy+, customer service and associated functionality.

Additional documents

The following documents are part of the General Terms and Conditions, by accepting the General Terms and Conditions you declare that you have read, understood and accept the following documents.

  • The Terms and Conditions (this document) describe what the User must adhere to when using our Products and Services. The User agrees to the Terms and Conditions when using our Products or Services.
  • In our Privacy Policy we are transparent about what personal data we process or collect and for what purposes it is used.
  • Products must be used for the purposes indicated by HomeWizard. In the User Agreement you will find information about the purposes for which you should use the HomeWizard Products or Services.
  • When you buy Products from HomeWizard you enter into a purchase agreement with various rights and obligations. Including warranty, delivery times, reflection period and right of return. Your rights with regard to purchases and orders are described in the Terms of Purchase .

If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions and additional documents, you are not authorized to use our Products or Services. You can return your product in accordance with the rights described in the Purchase Conditions.

The conditions

Your HomeWizard account

  1. If necessary, the user must create a HomeWizard account, which must be provided with correct data at all times. The User bears at all times the responsibility and risks for the use of his account and incorrect data relating to his account. When using some HomeWizard Services, an account is automatically created for you as soon as you use them.
  2. User will not abuse another’s account, pretend to be someone else or use another’s account without permission.
  3. User is responsible for keeping his or her login details private by using a strong password (Combination of capital letters, letters, numbers and special characters) and to keep them safe to prevent unauthorized access.
  4. User declares that he has no legal prohibition on the use of our Products or Services. User declares to be authorized to create an account on behalf of himself or the company that the User represents. And he or she meets the age requirements according to legal regulations unless legally authorized and authorized under the supervision and responsibility of parent or guardian.
  5. If the User is aware of unauthorized use or misuse of his or another account, the User must report this by contacting HomeWizard.
  6. HomeWizard reserves the right to delete, suspend or deactivate your account at all times. And the User does not have to notify this in advance. If your account has been deleted, suspended or deactivated by HomeWizard, HomeWizard will forbid the User of this account from all access to the Services.
  7. HomeWizard is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from the User’s negligence in respect of the above regulations.

Application and usage

  1. To ensure your safety and the warranty, you agree to use the Products and Services only for the purposes for which they were developed or intended. You can find these in the User Agreement. NB! IF OTHER THAN THOSE DESCRIBED IN THE User Agreement, THE; Products OR Services; DO NOT WORK INCORRECT OR UNRELIABLE. THIS COULD CREATE LIFE THREATENING SITUATIONS AND VOID THE WARRANTY. THE USER AT ALL TIMES ASSUMES RESPONSIBILITY AND RISKS FOR THE CONSEQUENCES WITH REGARD TO THE WORKING OF HIS OR HER DEVICES.
  2. When installing Products which according to the existing documentation is incorrect, we do not guarantee their correct functioning. The User is responsible for correct; install, operate and use the Products and Services. Modification of the Products or Services in whole or in part is not permitted. If the User does not comply with this condition, the warranty of the Products may become null and void.
  3. Uses of our Products or Services that are illegal or morally unjustifiable are not permitted. The User is fully responsible for the use of its Products or Services.
  4. Our information resources and documentation may contain information about country-specific restrictions on Products or Services. HomeWizard cannot guarantee that the Services or Products are available or functioning and/or comply with the laws of the User’s country.
  5. When purchasing Products, the User acquires a license to the Services associated with his Products. It is licensed to the User and not sold as described in the Terms of Use.
  6. We use third party facilities for some of our Services. HomeWizard has no control over the correct functioning of these third party facilities and cannot guarantee that they will always work correctly or will be available. HomeWizard has no control over the terms and conditions of third parties.
  7. In the event of a technical failure or force majeure, HomeWizard is not responsible for the correct functioning of the Products or Services.
  8. User will not commercially exploit the Products or services without written permission from HomeWizard. Including, for example, sale, rental or lease of our Products, Apps or Services.
  9. HomeWizard may refer you via the Services to services or websites of external providers. HomeWizard has no control over the content of these services or websites of third parties and referred third-party providers. Your use of these websites or services of third parties or third-party providers is at your own risk.

Personal data

In order to offer our Services, we process your personal data. You can find out how and for what purpose we process your personal data in our Privacy Policy on the website. You indicate that you have read and understood the Privacy Statement of HomeWizard and agree to the processing of your personal data by HomeWizard.

  1. Certain content that you have committed yourself to may be available to others, such as sharing data from your devices or posting a review. You are solely responsible for all content you upload, share, post, email, transmit or otherwise distribute while using or in connection with the Services. HomeWizard does not allow public statements that could harm or offend others. HomeWizard can delete your shared data without the User’s consent.
  2. HomeWizard considers the integrity and security of your personal data important. However, HomeWizard cannot guarantee that unauthorized persons will never be able to circumvent our security measures or use your personal data for improper purposes. You acknowledge that you provide your personal information at your own risk. If HomeWizard is aware of the circumvention of our security measures by a third party, HomeWizard will inform the User of this in accordance with the legal obligation to report data breaches.
  3. HomeWizard is not responsible for any loss of personal data associated with the Products or services. HomeWizard cannot guarantee to be able to recover your data if you make a request for this.

Linking third-party products

  1. When using our Services, you may have the option to link devices or services from third parties. HomeWizard cannot guarantee the correct functioning of third-party devices or services. The use of any third-party devices or services within the Services is entirely at the User’s risk.
  2. When connecting devices or services of third parties to HomeWizard Products or Services, personal data can be processed. The User acknowledges that it is aware that personal data can be exchanged when connecting with third-party devices.
  3. HomeWizard does not control the terms and conditions of third-party devices or software and therefore refers the User to the developer of such software/hardware.

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

  1. “Confidential Information” means the Services and information provided to the User and made available by HomeWizard through your account or directly to you. The User may not disclose, distribute or otherwise publish or communicate the Confidential Information to any person, firm, company or other third party without the prior written consent of HomeWizard.
  2. By providing us with ideas , suggestions, or recommendations for our Products, Services, you irrevocably waive any intellectual property rights relating to the content of the information you provide to us.


  1. HomeWizard is not responsible for misleading, incomplete or outdated information. We strive to keep the information up to date and transparent at all times.
  2. These terms and conditions remain in full force and effect as long as you use our Services or Products.
  3. If you terminate this Agreement , your account and right to use the Services and Products will automatically terminate. You can only terminate this agreement by written agreement to HomeWizard.

Final Provisions

HomeWizard will inform the Customer of any substantial changes to this document and thereby communicate the content of the amended provisions. The change will become an integral part of the agreement, unless the Customer objects to it within six weeks of receipt of the notification by written or electronic communication. If HomeWizard does not comply with these conditions, the User must notify this in writing within one year.

If you have any questions about this document, please contact HomeWizard at support@homewizard.com

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