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Weather forecast

You can easily understand the weather with the HomeWizard*. You can measure the temperature, humidity, wind speed and precipitation. This way you can create a personal and current weather forecast for your home.

* Only possible with the HomeWizard base station.


Gain a complete insight into the climate in and around your home with our weatherstation. View the weather via the display or connect the weatherstation to the HomeWizard base station.

You can connect up to 10 extra weather sensors to the weatherstation. Receive current data on the temperature with the weatherstation and its compatible thermometers. With the rain gauge you also always have an insight on the current or historical precipitation.


Use the wireless thermo/hygrometer for accurate measurement of temperature and humidity.

For example, you can place the thermometer in the bedroom or baby room to know exactly what the temperature is. You can also use the thermometer outside to gain insights on the temperature in and around your home.

Water thermometer

You can easily register the water temperature with this water thermometer. For example, you use this thermometer for your pond with fish, or to see if the pool is the right temperature.