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Smartwares SH8-90105 Carbon monoxide alarm

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Item description

With the Smartwares SH8-90105 Carbon monoxide alarm you protect your family and you are always up to date on the carbon monoxide level in your home. The smart Smartwares carbon monoxide alarm is an extension of the PRO series. This carbon monoxide alarm immediately gives you a notification on your smartphone if you integrate it into the Smartwares Link Gateway. The Link Gateway is available separately. This way you are immediately informed when the gas is detected in your home. Giving you enough time to be warned and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide, a lethal intruder within your home
In winter time, people tend to cosy up on the couch with the heating on. Especially than, carbon monoxide is lurking around the corner. When the heating sources are not properly maintained, carbon monoxide can be released. Carbon monoxide is a lethal gas, which is not detectable with our senses. Therefore, it is of the upmost importance to have one or more alarms installed, to make sure you are warned in time.

Smart carbon monoxide alarms send you a warning
The smart Smartwares carbon monoxide alarm makes sure you are always up to date on the carbon monoxide levels in your home. Even when there is only a small concentration of carbon monoxide detected the alarm siren goes off. The alarm gives a warning through a sound signal and once integrated into the Link a notification in the free Homewizard link app on your smartphone. Even when you walk the dog of are on vacation, you are immediately warned in the event of danger. Set up emergency contacts via the app so that your loved ones also receive a notification in the event of danger and you can leave home safely.

Easy to install
A carbon monoxide alarm functions best when it is placed approximately 1.5 meters above the ground and 1.85 meters from a combustion device. The ideal spot to hang a carbon monoxide alarm is for instance near the boiler or the gas-stove in the kitchen. The alarm can be hung by a number of screws.

Test and maintain
It is of the upmost importance to test the device monthly. With the smart Smartwares carbon monoxide alarm, this can be easily done via the Homewizard Link app, if Link Gateway has been purchased. You then also receive a notification when the battery of your carbon monoxide alarm needs replacement after approximately one year.

What’s in the box:
Carbon monoxide alarm, battery, manual, mounting material

Reasons to choose the Smartwares SH8-90105 Carbon monoxide alarm:

  • The Smart carbon monoxide alarm warns you when carbon monoxide is detected through a loud sound signal of 85 db.
  • In case you want to add more carbon monoxide alarms to your home, the device can be extended. The alarms be connected with each other within a range of approximately 60 meters (range can vary)
  • The carbon monoxide alarm needs monthly testing which can be done via the test button on the device
  • Through the empty battery indication light, the carbon monoxide will notify you when its low on battery
  • If integrated into the Link Gateway (available separately) you receive a notification on your smartphone.

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