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Smartwares SH4-99553 Indoor plug switch set

  • 3 switches + remote
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Item description

With the Smartwares SH4-99553 Mini Indoor Plug Switch Set you can turn your lights and devices on and off with the included remote control. The set comes with three socket switches and one remote control that can switch on and off both an individual device or all devices at once. It is possible to connect the set to the Smartwares Smart Switch to control your switches with an app or voice controlled with Amazon Alexa.

Be in control
Thanks to the Smartwares Indoor Plug Switch Set you will not have to walk around your entire house to switch all lamps, fans, heaters and humidifiers on or off. Just use the easy remote control and switch all lights on while sitting on the couch or turn off your fan when already lying in bed. The set contains three socket switches so you can control up to three devices with the included remote control.

Plug & Play
The Smartwares Indoor Plug Switch Set is very easy to install. Place the plug switches in the socket and plug your devices into the Smartwares plug switches. Press the connecting button and you can select one of the four buttons on the remote control that will from then on control the plug switch. The remote control is also equipped with a master button that allows you to turn all plug switches on and off at once. This way you can set your home to your own preferences, for example illuminate your whole home or turn your living room into your own cinema by turning the TV and speakers on with just one button.

Make your home smart
Smartwares wants to give you the opportunity to create your own smart home the easy way. The plug switch set can be used stand-alone or be paired with the Smarthome Smart Switch, which is the key to your own smart home. The Smart Switch allows you to operate all Smarthome Basic products with a free app, even when you are not at home. Providing you with a secure, comfortable, convenient and an energy efficient house is what a smart home is all about. No difficult installations or expensive kits, just an easy plug and play controller and an intuitive app is all you need to create your own smart home. Besides, the Smart Switch is Amazon Alexa compatible. So you can even control your smart home by voice control.

Extend, combine and control
Create as much convenience and comfort as you like by expanding your smart home with more clever products from the extensive Smartwares Smarthome Basic range. For example add the radiator valve to heat your house while driving home from work or control your garden lights from the couch with the outdoor socket switches. You can make your home as smart as you want.

What’s in the box:
Indoor plug switch set, remote control, remote control battery A23S, instruction manual


  • The indoor plug switch set gives you the possibility to control your lights and devices with a single remote control
  • Mini switches with a smooth design
  • The remote control has a range up to 30 metres
  • The plug switches have a maximum power of 3000 Watt
  • Extend your smart home with the Smart Switch to operate all Basic range products with the free app