P1 Meter & Energy Socket


Insight into gas & power consumption and the ability to measure and switch one individual device.

Optional accessory
1 × USB-C adapter set

Power the P1 meter on older smart meters (SMR4 and lower)

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A combination deal to gain insight into your gas and power consumption including an Energy Socket to measure and switch one individual appliance.

Insight into gas & power consumption

What is the standby consumption of your appliances at night? How much gas do you use when showering? Just click the P1 Meter into your smart meter, go through a few simple steps and you will immediately get detailed insight into your power consumption, feed-in and gas consumption. Older smart meters require additional power. Check here if that is needed for your smart meter.

Learn more about the P1 Meter

Measure and switch

The Energy Socket is a smart plug that you attach between an appliance and the wall socket. In the HomeWizard Energy app, you can see the consumption of the device connected to an Energy Socket. With intelligent metering tasks, you can turn this device on or off. This way you can easily turn off your entire television corner to prevent standby consumption. Do you have solar panels? Then you can use the Energy Socket to charge your electric bicycle or, for example, to heat your kitchen boiler when you generate a solar surplus.

Learn more about the Energy Socket

What’s in the box?

  • 1x P1 Meter
  • 1x Energy Socket
  • Quickstart guide
P1 Meter

Live consumption insights (updated every second)
Gas insights every 5 – 15 minutes depending on smart meter model

Energy Socket

Turn on devices based on solar surplus
Turning on and off devices based on time or measured consumption
Consumption energy insights on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly level
Data processed in Europe and in compliance with EU directives
CE approval (meets requirements of EU legislation)
Energy-efficient: own consumption under 1 Watt
Automatic overload and child lock protection
Individually calibrated for ±99.5% accuracy
Works with the HomeWizard app
Up to 16 amps (±3680 watts)
Local API