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HomeWizard base station compatibility

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Smartwares SH8-90401 Door/window contact

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Item description

Have you ever left your home and then started wondering if all doors and windows are closed? The PRO Series Security Set will make sure you will know if you locked all doors and windows when you leave your home. Add the magnetic contact to your PRO Series Link and automatically receive a notification if a door or window is left open while leaving the house. You can feel secure, even when you are away from home. Of course you will also be notified if a door or window is opened while you’re away

Never forget to close up

By installing the magnetic contacts on a door or window you can protect the entrance to your home. You will receive a notification on your smartphone the moment you’ve left and left a door or window open if you connect the smart contact to the PRO Series Link. Even when you are not at home and the door or window opens, you will be notified.

Ready to use

The Smartwares Magnetic Contact improves the security at your home. It is part of the PRO Series and therefore compatible with the Link Gateway. The Link is the connection between your home network and the free HomeWizard Link app. This way, you’ll receive notifications on your smartphone and can predefine your emergency contacts.

Easy to install

The installation process is very easy. The app guides you through all simple steps so you can connect your smart bulb and magnetic contacts in no time to the Link and control them with your smartphone.

Safety first

Smartwares finds your privacy important. Therefore, we keep your data safe by using only encrypted private connections. Our servers are based in Europe and are our own so we can keep them secure. Smartwares respects your privacy and data so you can use our products safely. We comply to all European legislations.

Grant yourself the comfort of a smart home

PRO Series is here to make your life more easy with smart solutions. Receive a notification if a fire is detected by one of the connected smoke detectors or bring light into your life with our Comfort Sets with smart bulbs. These are just some examples from the extensive range. The PRO Series has many solutions that are all connected with the Link so you just need one hub and app.