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HomeWizard Wi-Fi P1 Meter

  • View electricity and gas in the Energy App
  • Wi-Fi
  • Detailed graphs
  • Works in the Netherlands and Belgium
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  • 14 days money back guarantee
  • Two year guarantee

Item description

Attention!: Only works in the Netherlands and Belgium. For smart meters with SMR version 5.0 or higher no external USB adapter is needed. For smart meters with a lower SMR version a micro USB adapter is required.

View electricity usage, feed in and gas

View your live energy usage or the history of your house and compare your usage over days, weeks, months and years in detailed graphs. The app gives you accurate calculations of your energy costs based on your tariffs, so you know what to expect on your energy bill.

Simplicity at it's best

A device that simply plugs into your smart meter to give you more insights in your energy usage, feed in and gas. The P1 meter measures your energy usage every second, unlike your energy supplier, and works with every smart meter. On modern smart meters the P1 meter even gets powered directly from the P1 port, so no need for extra cables.

View your history

The app provides you with detailed live, day, week, month and past year graphs with a cost indication. You can see how much your devices use at night, how much gas you use while showering and what your solar panels produce.

Perfect for solar panels

If you have solar panels, the P1 meter can show you what you feed in to the grid, how much you draw from the grid, and what your home's netto usage is. If you want to see the actual usage of your house, you can combine the P1 meter with a HomeWizard kWh-meter on your solar panels. This gives you extra insights in your total energy production en the energy usage of your home. 

Realtime measurements and industrial accuracy

De P1 meter talks directly to your smart meter through the P1 poort en shows you accurate data up to every second.

Works with all smart meter

The P1 meter works on every smart meter in the Netherlands and Belgium. For modern smart meters with SMR version 5 or higher there is also no need for an external USB power supply. Click, connect, ready.


Model number: HWE-P1
Compatibility: All smart meters in The Netherlands and Belgium (P1)
Fases: 1-3 fases
Connection: Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz b/g/n
Rating: IP51 (indoor usage)
Usage: Less than 1W
Power supply: N.A. for smart meters with SMR version 5. For older smart meters a micro USB adapter is required. (sold separately)
Measures: Electricity usage, feed in, gas
Data frequency: Electricity every second. Gas every 5 minutes (For SMR 5 meters)
Data storage: Past 12 months (longer with Energy+)
Data encryption: Yes
API: Yes
Bridge/hub required: No