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Princess Smart Glass Panel Heater 1500W

  • 1500 Watt
  • 2 Power settings
  • Control via your smartphone
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Item description

Is your attic room or bathroom always so cold in the winter? Then the Princess Smart Glass Panel Heating is for you. The panel heating has a modern glass design and is a real eye-catcher in your interior. Control the smart heating via the HomeWizard Climate app and make sure you always come home to a heated room. With a wattage of 1500 W, the heating heats up quickly and you don't have to sit in the cold for long. Hang the panel heater as permanent heater or move the heater to the room where you need it most. The Princess Smart Glass Panel Heating is a real addition to your smart home and indispensable in the winter.

Luxury design and extensive options

The Princess Smart Panel Heater has a luxurious appearance due to the glass housing and the LED indicators. Via the display or in the app on your smartphone you choose from two different heating levels and set the timer. With the timer you can set how long you want the heating to be on and when it will turn off automatically. The convection heater has an adjustable thermostat and can heat between 15⁰ and 35⁰.

Heat your home with the HomeWizard Climate app

The Princess Smart Panel Heater is the perfect addition to your smart home. With the iOS or Android HomeWizard Climate app you can control your panel heating remotely. In the app you can turn the panel heating on and off and change the temperature. Set time schedules or let your panel heater start in the bathroom if you tidy up a little downstairs. So in the winter you never have to shower in a cold bathroom.
Safe to use

The Smart Glass panel heater is very safe to use. The heater automatically switches off when it gets too hot through the overheat protection. In addition, the convection heater is also very safe for families with children. Set the child lock via the display or the app on your smartphone. This way you can also use the heating to heat your children's rooms. Due to the IP24 protection class, the panel heater is splash-proof, ideal for heating the bathroom.


Dimensions: 76 x 39 x 9 cm

Weigth: 4800 grams

Power: 1500 Watt