HomeWizard keeps a close eye on the smarthome market. Here we see that there is a demand for simple solutions that can be operated by everyone. The smarthome market is changing fast. In the jumble of home automation solutions we see an important trend in voice control. Large brands will focus on voice-controlled solutions in the coming years.

We have been working hard to develop new solutions that are in line with these two trends. We have noticed that there have been a lot of questions about the developments around HomeWizard. We would like to share the latest developments with you.

HomeWizard base stations

HomeWizard offers three different base stations in the coming year; Smart Switch, Link and HomeWizard. Click here to see which products are compatible with the base stations.

Smart Switch

The Smart Switch is an inexpensive and easy solution for operating lights and curtains. This product is easy to install and easy to use with the HomeWizard Lite app. The Smart Switch is our basic model to start with Smarthome. The Smart Switch can only transmit and can be expanded with different receivers.


The Link offers the possibility to make your home more comfortable and safe. This product is easy to install and use. In the past year, various new options have been added to the Link, such as the automation of lighting, emergency contacts and emergency lighting.
We are going to expand the Link and the Link app in the coming year. We want to add various solutions including energy meters, an alarm system, weather sensors, door contacts and lamps.
The Link is available in our webshop from the second quarter of 2018.


HomeWizard is our most advanced Smarthome base station. The HomeWizard is compatible with many other products and brands such as Trust, Somfy, Foscam and curtains. The HomeWizard also offers the possibility to make complex presets and there are functions such as geofence. However, we have noticed that it is becoming difficult with the current platform to go along with the latest developments. We also see that there is more demand for simple smart home solutions such as the Link and the Smart Switch. However, we will expand the HomeWizard with three new products: a plug in switch, a plug in dimmer and a door contact. All these products have two-way communication (868). These products will be available in a few months.

Of course the HomeWizard will be supported and provided with updates.

Voice control
We see that voice control is a big development in Smarthome. The first step we have made in voice control is a compatibility with Amazon Alexa. One of the first products that will be compatible with Amazon Alexa is the Smart Switch.

Amazon Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant who you can give commands through voice control. For example, you can control various devices, ask Alexa to read the news or play music. You can also ask Alexa if she can turn off the lights when you leave. Controlling your lights has never been easier! The Smart Switch is now  compatible with Amazon Alexa, making it even easier to operate the Smart Switch. We will also prepare our other platforms for voice control.

Smarthome solutions
In addition to the base stations, we also work on other standalone solutions that later can be integrated with one or more base stations.

Camera platform
The EasyOnline cameras and the camera platform are easy to use. IP forwarding is therefore a thing of the past! With our camera platform we have made a first step towards a simpler solution that can be installed and operated by everyone.

In addition, the lack of IP forwarding provides a extra layer of security. Also all your settings and passwords are always stored locally.
To ensure the security of your images, the images are not sent to your phone via a server but directly. Our servers are also in Europe.
We will continue to expand the camera platfom. Examples are functions such as motion detection zones, more streams at the same time and push messages with snapshots.

At the moment we are working on a nice project that we can not say too much about ... To light a corner of the veil, it is a robot for the home. More about this later! Soon our website will also get a new look. In addition, privacy also remains an important issue for us. Thanks to our European servers, your privacy is better guaranteed. Therefore we are working hard to prepare us for the new European legislation in 2018 (GDPR).


We understand that you have a few questions as a result of the developments mentioned above. Below we will try to answer some of those questions. If you still have questions then you can contact us directly.

What do these developments mean for the HomeWizard?
We will continue to support the HomeWizard and ensure that the app continues to function. So you can continue to use all the items that you have in your house.

Will there be new products for the HomeWizard?
Yes there are currently 3 new 868 products for the HomeWizard planned: a plug in switch, a plug in dimmer and a door contact. These products will be available in a few months. We will inform you about this through our newsletter.

Will Link be the HomeWizard 2.0?
No, the Link is a new product with a different outlook.

Can you link products from other brands to the Link?
We are taking a new route with the Link. We try to offer the most complete system possible with the Link. In addition, we follow the developments of the smarthome market and we will respond to developments where necessary. In the short term we will not add any other brands to the Link. We do see that voice control will be a connecting factor between different brands in the future.
Are you looking for a system that is compatible with different brands? Then the HomeWizard base station is a good solution. 

Are you also going to support HomeKit and Google Assistant?
We look at the possibilities to make our base stations compabtible with the HomeKit and Google assistant.

What can I do with Amazon Alexa?
With Amazon Alexa in combination with one of the smarthome solutions you can switch your lights on / off and dim, and switch other devices on and off. This will eventually be extended with more functions.

Can I control Trust products with the Smart Switch?
Yes, that's possible.

Will the Link be extended?
Yes the Link will be expanded in the future.

When is the Link for sale?
The Link will be available in sets and separate from April 2018.