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  1. Energy+


    Energy+ geeft je exclusieve functies bovenop de gratis Energy app functionaliteit, en helpt je met nog meer inzicht verkrijgen en het detecteren van ongebruikelijke situaties.

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  2. Developments HomeWizard

    Developments HomeWizard

    HomeWizard keeps a close eye on the smarthome market. Here we see that there is a demand for simple solutions that can be operated by everyone. The smarthome market is changing fast. In the jumble of home automation solutions we see an important trend in voice control. Large brands will focus on voice-controlled solutions in the coming years.

    We have been working hard to develop new solutions that are in line with these two trends. We have noticed that there have been a lot of questions about the developments around HomeWizard. We would like to share the latest developments with you.

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