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HomeWizard’s Hub and Smartphone App provides a simple solution that is designed to help you monitor your home and make changes to heating and lighting easily and securely.  The HomeWizard Hub wirelessly connects to your devices and then connects to the internet - allowing you to access your settings while away from home.

The HomeWizard App (which is on iPhone and Android) is a simple and secure application that allows you to control your devices from a simple application on your phone.  It's as easy as using Facebook and Twitter on your phone.  Just imagine how often you have forgotten to switch on your heating and returned to a cold home.  Wouldn't it be great to set your heating on the way back home or to switch on those welcome home lights for your return home?

The HomeWizard Hub - The Control Panel 

The HomeWizard Hub is the main element of our product line.  Once installed it acts as a control panel that connects to your existing home internet Wi-Fi network and lets you communicate to different devices at home via your smartphone. This gives you easy control over lights, security cameras, door alarm systems, thermostats, weather monitors and motion sensors, amongst other devices both when at home or away. Most importantly, the hub works with products from different brands allowing you to build a customised home automation system. 

HomeWizard Devices 

The HomeWizard Hub can connect to lighting controls, home security, temperature controls, and climate monitoring devices from different brands. This gives you the flexibility to build a completely bespoke home automation system that fits to your needs. You can start small by deciding to automate your home lighting and then add security cameras, energy control modules and climate control products in future when the needs arise. Plus there is no need to worry about subscriptions, complicated set up procedures and expanding your system in future. 

Key Applications for the HomeWizard System 

Smartphone-Monitored Home Security

Security cameras, smoke detectors and motion detectors – they all connect to the Hub, and will send push notifications to your Smartphone. If smoke is detected or a motion sensor activated then you'll get a message.  This way you will always be aware of what is happening in and around your home, wherever you are in the world.  Even if you are not connected to the internet, HomeWizard has got you covered.  With its ‘Text Alert’ feature, you can create a personal ‘neighbourhood watch’ system, and nominate phone numbers to receive alerts for smoke/motion while you are away.  

Remote Home Lighting Control   

With HomeWizard, you can save energy by remotely controlling your light switches and dimmers.  You can either set them to turn on and off at certain times of the day, or activate only a group of lights with a single touch.  When you are away, automatic routines can be set to simulate your presence at home.  This gives you the peace of mind that your home is secure; it also helps keep a check on your utility bills.  

Remote Blinds and Curtains Control 

With HomeWizard’s setup, controlling the blinds, curtains and sun screens installed in your home is very simple.  Amongst other uses, you can choose to program the app to open your curtains at sunrise, or use your smartphone to shut the rolling garage door whilst you are seated in the car.  

Wireless Weather Monitoring  

The HomeWizard Hub communicates with temperature sensors, rain sensors, wind meters, and UV sensors installed in your home.  With the app installed on your smartphone, you can easily find out what the temperature is around your home whilst you are at work.  Plus, you can set a routine where the dehumidifier turns on as soon as your sensors detect high humidity levels. You can also set the awning to retract if the wind meter detects high speeds.  There are many other options too!

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