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HomeWizard offers three different gateways; Smart Switch, Link and HomeWizard.

These gateways offer you the possibility to make your home smarter. Whether you want to automate your lighting or digitize your entire home, we offer a suitable solution for everyone.



Smart Switch

The Smart Switch is an easy solution for operating lights and curtains. This product is easy to install and user friendly with the HomeWizard Lite app.

The Smart Switch is our entry-level model to start with Smarthome. The Smart Switch can only transmit and can be expanded with different receivers.


The Link offers you the possibility to make your home more comfortable and safer. The product is easy to install.

The Link offers various possibilities such as the automation of lighting, emergency contacts and emergency lighting.


HomeWizard is our most advanced Smarthome base station. The HomeWizard is compatible with many other products and brands such as Klikaanklikuit, Somfy RTS, Foscam, curtains, and more.

You can make complex circuits and there are functions such as geofence.

Comparison table HomeWizard gateways

Not all gateways have the same functionality. Here you can see the differences between the base stations.