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Text alert (SMS) bundles

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Order text alert bundles to activate text message notifications in the app. 

Text alert (SMS) notification service

Receive text alerts home or abroad – no internet connection required!

  • Guaranteed delivery – no internet connection required!
  • Extra security for your home
  • Select more than one recipient - friends, family & neighbours
  • Pick your text message bundle

Text alerts – guaranteed delivery and added piece of mind

Receive your alerts any time, any place, guaranteed!

Our text alert service sends messages to your phone if smoke is detected or a motion or other sensor is activated. Using text messages ensures delivery, even if you happen to be abroad and don’t have mobile internet.

Your HomeWizard hub can be configured to send alerts to friends, neighbours or relatives. Imagine you are away on holiday and smoke is detected in your home – the text alerts are here to help! They let you create your own personalised neighbourhood watch, allowing your friend/neighbour to take action if required and you are unable to attend.

How do text alerts work?

If a sensor is activated it sends a signal to your HomeWizard hub, which then sends you (or another recipient) a text message explaining what sensor was activated and at what time.  

Werking van SMS notificaties


How to activate text alerts?

If you want to receive text notifications, rather than the standard push notifications, the select one of the SMS bundles below. This activates the text functionality in your app and you can start to add text contacts (receivers).

When people are added to the contacts list they will receive a text message to notify them of the new notification service they are now part of. 

Pick the bundle that best suits your needs, but remember – it is better to be safe than sorry, and message bundles do not expire.