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HomeWizard base station compatibility

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  • Link Link

Smartwares Connected Dimmer Socket SH8-90902

  • Compatible with HomeWizard
  • Up to 200 watts
  • Dimming and switching
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Item description

This dimmer socket is an accessory of the Smartwares Pro series. Connect with the Link and control and dim your lights up to 200W via only one app on your smartphone. Quick and easy installation. 

Use this Connected Dimmer to easily dim your lights or turn them off via your smartphone. So you can dim your lighting from the couch when you watch a movie, or turn off lights in another room.

With the Connected Dimmer you can dim lamps up to 200 watts.

The 868 MHz products work together as a mesh network. As a result, the range of the products in the mesh network is greater.



868 MHz
40m wireless range

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