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Smartwares Smoke detector for HomeWizard FA22RF

  • Low battery indicator
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Item description

The fire service recommend you test your smoke detectors once a week. If you need to replace them, or add more for extra security, we have an offer for you! Buy 2 of our connected smoke alarms and receive a 15% discount, buy 5 and receive a 24% discount! 

The smoke alarms link, so if fire is detected downstairs the upstairs alarm will also sound. Add Home Wizard hub and you receive text alerts or push notifications on your phone if smoke is detected. It will also notify family, friends or neighbours allowing them to contact the Fire Service if you are unable. 


By itself this smoke detector works exactly as you would expect - if smoke is detected a loud (85 dB) alarm is sounded. But you can also connect together more than one alarm, so if smoke is detected downstairs the alarms on each floor will sound.

With the HomeWizard you get so much more! If smoke is detected you will receive a push notification on your phone. Or you can set up text alerts so your friend, neighbour or family member can notify the fire service if you are unable to attend because you are at work or on holiday.

You also receive reminders to test your smoke alarms from within the app!


Range (RF): 30-40 meters
Sensitivity: For areas up to 30 m2
Volume: 85 dB
Low battery indicator
Includes 1 x 9V Battery & 3 x 1.5V AAA battery

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