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Smartwares Wireless Radiator Valve

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Item description

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  • Number of remote controls incl: 1
  • Radio frequency: 433 MHz

Save energy and increase comfort!

The Smartwares wireless radiator valves replace the existing valves on your radiator, and give you control over the heating of individual rooms or areas of your home. They are fully programmable, or can be controlled via the supplied remote. Alternatively you can add them to a HomeWizard installation for extra energy savings and control, all via the HomeWizard app. The valves can:

  • Control each radiator individually. The programmable clock on the valve can be set to activate and heat a room between certain times of the day. For example, the bathroom radiator switches on between 7 and 9 am each morning.
  • The temperature knob allows easy adjustment of room temperature.
  • Easy to install. No need to call out an engineer, the valves are DIY and can be fitted in minutes. The kits include 3 couplers which fit most radiators. 
  • The valves are equipped with new digital 433Mhz receivers, which provide better range and eliminates interference.
  • The supplied remote control activates the day or night temperature. 


With HomeWizard

Each radiator valve can be added individually to the app, so you can control your bathroom, lounge and kitchen individually. With one click in the app you can switch between day & night temperatures (at work / at home temperatures), or set specific temperatures. You can also use other HomeWizard features, such as:

  • Timers automate the valves for certain times, say your normal working hours.
  • Actions use sensors to activate or deactivate the radiator valves. For example, if you open a window, a magnetic contact activates and the radiator valve reduces the temperature so no energy is wasted! 


Boiler control

Please note, that you can not turn on the boiler with the radiator valves. This means that if your boiler is not producing hot water for your heating system, your radiators will not produce heat even if the valves are activated. We are currently testing boiler control in the UK, so watch this space!


Also excellent for district/workplace heating

With district heating there is often no direct control over temperatures in a room/building. The Smartwares wireless radiator valve is a perfect solution, giving you everything you need to regulate the temperature automatically or remotely! You will no longer be stuck on the same temperature as the rest of your office building, you can control your own environment and work in comfort.